Condos And The Goodies That Come With Them

Condos come in a wide variety of forms; some condos are situated in mixed use buildings where you have offices and stores in one part and then a cluster of condo units in another. Some condos are also built into town houses with lesser units. And then finally we have dedicated buildings like 11 Yorkville condos with hundreds of condo units in place along with many in house amenities for everyone to use.

Unlike apartments, you get to own your condo; this way, your condo is both like a house and an apartment. You get to enjoy an apartment’s high view but at the same time, the place is all yours and you don’t need anyone’s permissions to make changes that you want. This way, a condo is the best of both worlds. There are certain drawbacks to condos as well, however. Since your condo is your property, you have to pay property taxes that apply but that’s not all; on top of your taxes, you also have to pay condo fees despite the fact that you own the place. This comes across as a huge bummer for most people who want to move into condos but there’s a Brightside to this system as well.

All expenses of the building are shared amongst community members. This means that any repair work, any new construction and the finances for all the amenities are all borne by those who live in the building. There’s usually a committee that oversees all these things but ultimately, it’s all done according to the will of the people.  This is what makes condo lives very interesting and easy; especially at high end condos like 11 Yorkville condos.

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