Different Kinds of Smart Parking Meters Out There

Long are the days gone when parking tickets were given out by people and collected by them. A lot of places use timed parking via tickets given out from parking meters that print out the ticket upon pressing the button and when the ticket is entered in a meter, it reads how long has it been and how much does it cost. However, now these smart parking meters have different ways of calculating the time spent in a parking lot.

“Pay By Space”

“Pay by space” is a kind of parking meter that can be used in a parking lot by any users, depending on where they have parked their vehicle. The customers go to the parking meter and enter the space number that they have parked their car on, and then get charged accordingly.

“Pay & Display”

This type of a parking meter works best in places where people love collecting receipts. I am only kidding. This parking meter helps you display the acceptance of your payment by placing the receipt on the dashboard of the machine.

“Pay By License”

This is another way of charging, that I think is really futuristic. The machine charges you by entering your license plate number on to the space denoted by the parking meter. It then tells you how much you need to pay, and you pay accordingly.

Smart parking meters are gradually taking over the previously used parking meters, all over the world, and especially in the United States. I myself have been to several parking lots already that uses this technology.

Parking Boxx is one of the relatively famous ones out there, providing these kinds of parking meters. If your decision is to go with one, or all of these, then you can go to their webpage at parkingboxx.com/smart-parking-meters/.

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