Pamper Your Lashes And Save Your Time

Anyone who does not have a magnificent set of eyelashes will know the pain and hassle of working on their eyelashes every morning. Since many of are not endowed with lashes that are thick, naturally curly and extra-long, we have to make do with what options we have at our disposal. Fortunately, a daily eyelash makeup routine is not the only option available, one can go for a more effective, less painful and a longer term solution called a lash lift; a simple procedure that involves enriching one’s lashes with keratin.

Lash lifts are simple yet their effectiveness depend on how well are they carried out. The Charleston Microblading clinic is capable of carrying out superb lash lifts and can help you liven up your lashes without subjecting you to any discomfort at all. This clinic excels at performing a variety of non-invasive procedures thanks to a highly experienced and capable team.

Charleston starts out its lash lifts by first cleaning their patient’s eye area of makeup, dirt and any other residue, once the patient’s lashes have been completely cleaned out they place gel pads that separate the patient’s eyelashes from the skin, each lash is combed and separated in order to make the application effective and even.

At this point, a keratin product is applied on every lash and then it is left there to take effect, this process can take 40 to 90 minutes and throughout this time one must keep their eyes closed. After the application time has finished, the patient’s eye area is cleansed and they are good to go, it is that simple, the only uncomfortable part of this procedure is having to lie with your eyes closed for a long time. You can visit Charleston’s webpage to find out more about their lash lift procedure.

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