Self-Love And Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance can be a tricky thing when there are monsters that are constantly staring at you from the foot of your bed. These monsters might not be the winged, horned, ugly beasts that we heard about when we were children but they do exists in the form of demons of self-loathing. These monsters curl up within your skin in the late hours of the night and make you aware of their presence constantly.

Living with them is not easy and they do whatever they can to make sure that pool of self-hate that you are drowning in always get deeper. You will be surprised to know how many people are living this sort of life other than just you. Still what people fail to realize is that these monsters of self loathe and that pool of self-hate is all a product of their own emotions. They let the demons do this to them because they feel like that they deserve it.

Like what happens to them is a punishment for their last crimes. You might have done something in the past that brought pain in to someone else’s life but still you need to acceptance yourself and love yourself so that you live not just survive. It is way to hate ourselves and feel like trash that should be disposed of but people fail to see their true strength and what they can accomplish. On this blog published by Jay Depoy, you will find accounts of a man who went through hell and came back. People who found the monsters waiting for them but instead of living in fear of them managed to make friends with them. Accounts like these will show you that you can accept yourself and move on to happiness.

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