Spotting The Fakes

If you’re looking for a reliable writing instrument then you can probably get yourself a very nice fountain pen for a little over $5 at most but if you want your pen to be an impressionable trait of your personality then you’ll want something that speaks for itself. Mont Blanc pens are right up there with some of the most prestigious high quality pens and having one can really polish up the image you maintain in front of your peers.

However, because of the impression these kinds of pens carry with them, there are many fake Mont Blanc pens out there that are visually very close to the real thing. A lot of people buy fake pens, hoping that no one would notice the subtle differences; this may save you some money on your pen but the trained eye can easily spot the differences. One of the biggest give aways of even high quality replicas is the logo; no matter how well the pen is made, only original Mont Blancs bear the true logo. You can also tally the serial number of the pen you’re interested in with the maker to be very sure, if you’re looking for authenticity. A lot of people end up being deceived by online vendors who sell low quality fake Mont Blanc pens for the price of original pens.

The best way to avoid being deceived is to know the mark of a true pen by Mont Blanc. You can find articles about the details of the pen that you need to keep an eye out for. But if you’re still not sure, it’s a good idea to just look up the serial number on the Mont Blanc database; if they can’t find it, then they didn’t make it and you’re being sold a fake.

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