Why Join The Master Race?

There are two kinds of PC gamers out there; the kind that would spend big bucks on a nice and sleek gaming laptop and then there’s the kind who would build their own custom PC gaming rig. These days, gaming laptops are powerful enough to play even the most graphically demanding games in the highest quality settings but they’re still considerably more expensive to buy than a PC gaming rig. Unless you’re going to go around to your friend’s places to game a lot, it’s a better idea to build a gaming PC instead of buying a gaming laptop and we’ll tell you why.

Building a good gaming PC is going to cost you about the same (if not lesser) than what it would cost to buy a high end gaming laptop. For starters, one thing that gaming rigs always enjoy more than laptops is the better cooling system. Even though some gaming laptops allow you to upgrade your RAM, your gaming rig can be upgraded in every what way, allowing for more future proofing and better performance in general. Besides, custom built PCs last much longer than their pre-built counterparts anyways.

When you’re building your custom PC, you have a greater control over the quality of components that you’ll be using. Pre-built PCs and laptops are costly but they make compromises in certain components and pieces that are less visible. This can include minor things like cables and major things like the power supply unit. These kinds of low quality components can fail very quickly and then you’ll have to buy new ones so why not just get good components in the first place, right? You can learn the difference by looking up billiga gamingdatorer.

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