Braces help align one’s teeth. They allow for a correct bite, making it easier to floss and clean their teeth, and also chew their food properly as well as other benefits.

Clear aligners , also known as Invisalign, are an alternative braces to metal. Invisalign can fix crossbites and other issues including overjets and overbites. Due to their nearly invisible appearance, they’re preferred by the vast majority of patients. They are easily removed and is easy to clean making them a great alternative to braces made of metal. They’re expensive, which is why users look for alternatives to Invisalign braces. Your dentist might have alternative options to help you align your teeth. It could take up to up to 12 months for aligners to straighten or correct misaligned teeth until you achieve your intended result. An orthodontist can review your situation and provide estimates of the amount of time required to reach the desired outcome. The length of time that it takes to straighten your teeth the more difficult they could end up being. Yet, there’s no reason to not improve your smile. Visit an ortho and get your confidence back. p75lgvws2i.