Here are facts about the granite’s qualities from Greg Fox, owner of Fox Granite Countertops.

Basis or Level One is the first level. This is the first level that which you’ll think of when considering granite. This is the least expensive and simplest to get. They’re uniform in colour and are of high quality. What goes through the quarry and is sent to slab yards or suppliers before being sent to fabricators is generally the same. Slabs are cut typically into three eighths of an inch.

Second level: Exotic or Level Two. In this level, the colors and patterns are different from the normal. A slab’s thickness must be approximately three quarters of an inch.

Super exotics, or Level Three is the 3rd level. Many sellers refer to it as”high-quality” granite. Because of its amazing design and color, this granite is considered to be the most expensive. There are a variety of slabs which vary in the design, quality and color. The length of a slab is typically at least three quarters of an inches.

Every granite grade has the same thing in common All of them originate from the same source. Granite slabs found in North America are made from granite that originates from India or China. xomy28sfn8.