Also, you can search online for “cheap fence contractors in my area.” Customers searching for ‘cheap fencing repair in my area’ may find the same services since the fence builders will typically put up and repair fences. The average chain link fence is priced at $40 per foot. The fence materials and the work of installation costs customers 20 dollars each. The cost is $20 per foot. Chain link fencing installed around homes can often run to $2,000 for a complete installation. It could cost a little more for some customers, though. Fences made of wire are less costly in comparison to the chain-link fencing, but chain link fencing is cheaper than vinyl or wooden fencing. Chain link fences are able to be in great condition for forty years. Even if the chainlink fence is several decades old the fence can be repaired. If there is a problem in their fences, it’s unlikely that they need to be repaired. Chain link fences often have particular issues that don’t impact the other parts of the fence. This can make the repair process simpler. t32f9lumdk.