When it comes down to diversity in the workplace the issue is with the leader. In creating an environment that is inclusive and making sure everyone feels included is the responsibility of the person in charge. Communities can be diverse as they are based on different experiences. Different experiences bring individuals close. Diversity is really a matter of worth. It is an emphasis upon the character of the employees. A company that is diverse but does not have inclusion. The workplace is not valuing its members who are diverse. Acknowledging the religious differences of employees can help you value your employees. Equity isn’t an equal thing to quality. You can have the same level of. Everyone is treated the same. The concept of equity is to understand the differences. Treating a person based on their own individuality. Swag means “something we all get.” This is a great way to bring people together. It’s an excellent idea. It is true that not everyone can be a fan of the same t-shirt. For more info, see this video. esgupn4ukm.