The installation work can be equally or even more challenging than other HVAC services and projects. This is just one aspect of HVAC. Installation typically requires more physical labor than maintenance. The technician might have to perform ductwork or fabrications, and those tasks will require more physical strength than a change of filters.

The service end of HVAC work is generally more stressful mentally than the installation portion. The strain on the mind generally occurs when the technician is required to tackle complex problems or investigate the root of certain problems. It could be exhausting mentally when attempting to diagnose the issue. Additionally, the technician might experience difficulties communicating with customers so that they can fix the issue.

Installations usually are done by technicians with a set schedule. However, the service portion of HVAC is more likely to have an unpredictable schedule. The work schedule might include on weekends and nights, which may be unfavorable to individuals. This video discusses the distinctions between HVAC work. e3uci4a9ln.