One in five Americans has been affected by bed bugs or has one of their friends who’s. SciShow the award-winning YouTube channel that has a focus on bed bugs , provides the entire list of what that you need to know about bed bugs.

Bed bugs are approximately the same dimensions as an apple seed, but they are about half as big as a piece of paper when fully grown. Bed bugs like blood from humans, but they’ll also drink blood from pets. Since they are silent tiny and only offer bites that aren’t likely to damage your body, your home might be home to thousands of bed bugs and you may not even know it.

Bed bugs can be seen throughout your house, and even in the vehicle. When you hire bed bug removal services and you’ll be surprised by the places they’re able to fit into their slender bodies. They are found in photo frames, on your smartphone, or within the screw heads.

Bed bugs evolved in the human race. They first lived in caves was when they began to feed on bats. The birds used to fly. There are still pieces of wings that have been stunted today. The ancient Romans were of the belief that crushing bugs could help treat snakebite. That’s why it’s not surprising that the Roman Empire was devastated.