5 million senior citizens live in nursing homes. Are you looking to become the fifth? SeniorLiving.org provides reasons why you may think about a facility.

Nursing homes are suitable to adults of all ages that can no longer manage their own needs. This can be due to mental or physical conditions like dementia, or the problem of walking. Nursing homes are place where you can have staff take care for all your requirements 24 hours a day. They have staff available 24 hours a day. Most nursing homes are also equipped with doctors.

Another reason to choose a nursing facility is that the residents are encouraged to socialize with others. The danger of loneliness is that it can kill you. Psychology Today reports that the physical effects of loneliness are identical to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. In addition, the authors state that people who are lonely are more likely to die young than those with large social networks.

Bed-bound residents are able to participate in the activities provided by nursing homes. There are usually large libraries, Internet access, gyms as well as gardens and outings. Art therapy is offered by certain nursing homes. The churches and schools frequently stage shows or sings to residents. Therapy dogs are sometimes allowed to visit nursing homes. Certain nursing homes allow residents to own pets. 6n7qltifoe.