In this video, you will learn how to construct a surveillance tower. The Stingray is a form of surveillance system that is typically used by law enforcement. This Stingray is a cell-site simulation. It was originally designed in the field of military. It has made its way into local law enforcement. It can track a person all the way to the location they’re in if they have their cell phone on them. Cell phones can track devices. They are constantly vomiting signals. The Stingray’s technology has improved to be able to track the quantity of messages and later retrieve them. The Stingray can also track your location using GPS technology. Cell phones are always trying to connect with nearby towers. The Stingray tricks the cell phone into thinking it is the nearest cell tower. Phone calls are routed to the nearby cell tower after which the information is taken away. With the knowledge of uninvolved individuals, the Stingray can’t be used. In the case of The Stingray, secrecy is part of the deal. The Stingray is full of fascinating details. For further information, keep checking out this video. 7v6d7ag9l6.