Many people are uncomfortable with the appearance of their smiles. Braces are expensive and can create severe discomfort. This article will cover an alternative treatment that is less painful, Invisalign.

An impression of your dental teeth will be taken following an examination. In order to do this the impression tray is filled with a similar material to clay. After the patient has had the bite of these trays, he or she will create a mold by taking another bite.

Dental records are transmitted to Invisalign, which use a software program to digitally create a 3D model of your teeth. In the software, it will analyze the plan for treatment of the patient to map out the movement of the teeth.

The 3D representation of the final product could be displayed to the patient. The procedure can be continued until both dentist and the patient are in agreement.

An individual set of invisible aligners are designed for each patient based on an 3D rendering and treatment strategy. They cover all steps of the treatment plan and fit comfortably into the patient’s mouth.

The aligners are used to gradually shift the teeth in a gradual manner. It is the final result a smile the patient is satisfied with. The smile also encourages good dental health, so your dentist is going to be content also.

For a smile that is adjusted, visit your dentist or orthodontist. They will take impressions of the teeth of you and develop a treatment plan.