Services. If you are motivated you have the proper tools and time. A video called “Gate Installation Video” can be found via the Gatepost YouTube Channel. It shows how to set up the gate.

First, and most important is the necessity of wearing protection glasses to shield your eyes from debris and dust. It is also essential to have the right tools. They do not have to be weldingtools, but may include leveling, taking measurements and digging.

The next step is to establish the spacing between the posts to be able to make holes. Ascertain that the length of the two posts is equal to what is the length of gates poles. The gates should have a dimension of 36 inches deep.

As the pole is composed from iron, it’s essential to place cement or paper in the holes’ base in order to stop rusting. Attach the brackets for hinges.

The test will show that both poles are the same in the height as well as parallel. This can be accomplished by using a laser or by string. The gates are connected to the hinges.