This was Alley to Levittown for many years. In this video we will tell you the story of how this beloved bowling hall ended up on fire.

It was 5am in the morning on March 30th, 2022. Residents woke to the alarms. Black plumes of smoke rose out of the Levittown Lanes Bowling Alley. The fire department was immediately called. The roof was unstable at the time they got to the spot. This made it very difficult to put the fire out. By 8 AM the fire was removed. The bowling alley was charged to the max. No amount of building repairs can keep this landmark in the community. All we can do is we hope they’ll decide to build another bowling facility near. It is fortunate that no one was injured in the fire as nobody was in the bowling area during the flames. There were a couple of homes in the vicinity that were slightly burned. These structures did not suffer the most severe damages. the cause of the fire is being investigated.