te control service.

A company that deals with termites will conduct a thorough inspection of your property and its grounds before they can do any task. They are tiny and difficult to discern, so they check for visible damages and vulnerable areas to termites. These include areas with moisture such as plumbing in the interior, crawlspace, and basements. However, not all termites prefer damp environments. You could also have dry-wood termites, which enter through vents, attics or windows.

The service will inspect your property and design a plan tailored to your specific needs, based on kind of termite that is in your area. Dry wood termites are the most common and there isn’t any direct treatment. For termites that live in moist areas There are a variety of options.

The first is the direct treatment of liquids. The termite management service utilizes one of these flow meters to assess the required termiticide and applies it to the foundation of the home to a depth of 4 feet in depth. The termite control services will treat the problem zones with foam and install monitoring and baiting stations on the ground surrounding your house every 10-20 feet.

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