I have watched enough action-movies, you may have watched a scene that shows the protagonist escapes on an abandoned train. The scene is reminiscent of someone who has been watching too many action movies lately. The clip shows a vehicle burglar trying to make it free by jumping aboard the moving train.

Why is it that a criminal could put himself in such a dangerous situation to escape? His only option was to stay in a vehicle on the road. He was left with no option except to cross the railroad yard and turn to his left. He hammered directly through the fences using the vehicle he had stolen. The vehicle drove in a erratic manner and sometimes on the train tracks. This would, however, take only a few minutes since the vehicle eventually stopped functioning. This was the only option for the criminal. It was a blessing for police that the intruder was not fast enough to take a ride on this speedy train. If he was able to hop on the train, a police helicopter watched his every movement. Train driver might be easily contacted, and asked to stop the train. He was arrested by the police. If he cannot make bail payments on his own, he will need to seek out a bail bond agency. They could also hold him without bail.