The adapter for er could be a hassle. There are many types of outlets and inlets, that means you need to have many wires, which get strangled or lost if you’re not impeccably well-organized. This video shows you how to design a custom power converter which can be used with any device.

You can find an adapter at a reasonable price with the same amps and watts like the power connector that you are using. Cut off the connector from an older power adapter. Repeat the process with the current cable. If you take out the rubber outer shell, there are two wires inside your cord.

Remove the wires from the inside and remove the rubber outer shell. Metal filaments ought to be visible. The amount you remove doesn’t matter. removed, as long as the filaments are visible. It is then necessary to use a plastic connector made of low-cost material, such as that in the video.

You can then connect the connector to your older power connector. You can use this for any other plugs you have. You don’t have to be aware of the mess of cords. Keep the plugs in their place and pull them out when you’re in need.

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