He or she will polish the surface of the tooth and then the application of an adhesive that fixes the bracket on the tooth. The options include several braces including ceramic, metallic and aesthetic. However, if you are using any brackets it is recommended to attach a wire because it can influence the movement of the tooth.

The wires’ attachment may be done in a variety of ways like elastics, ligatures or boxes. Additional items such as micro-screws as well as springs are able to accommodate precise tooth movements. Also, there are markings for use to help the dentist place these wires.
Most orthodontic issues worsen if untreated. An orthodontic specialist may perform procedures that reverse the process. It is usually less expensive than any subsequent procedures needed to tackle more severe issues.

No matter your age or age, treatment with orthodontics will always be an effective change. Your mouth and gums play the main factor that determines the final outcome of treatment. 675oykek1y.