Your face may be an an ideal environment to encourage acne.

To further confuse matters In some cases, the “acne” that you’re trying to address isn’t actually an acne issue, which would explain the reason your usual acne creams aren’t working and may be making the condition more severe. If your breakouts occur around your forehead, hairline the back, or chest and are characterized by small, painful, red pimples roughly the same size your acne could be caused by fungal bacteria.

If you use spot treatment whenever you notice an acne pimple raise your hand. However, Samantha Wright, a certified aesthetician from Dangene Institute, a qualified aesthetician at Dangene Institute, advises against excessively treating. You should avoid using over-the-counter products such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These can dry the skin and cause the production of more oil, which in turn causes pimples. When used regularly and in excess these active ingredients may cause the skin to appear red and dry.

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