You want your focal points to be after the sun goes to the west.
1. Lighting Temperature

What is the difference between cold and warm lighting? Its temperature can vary depending on whether the lamp is cold or warm.

Warm whites will range from to 3000k, while cool white will reach 5000k. When you talk to electricians, they’ll explain that the light will be colder as the K (kelvin) value is greater. This is the reason why candlelight can be very inviting, since it is generally warm colors which is about 1850k.

If your home is equipped with cold-temperature lights, get rid of these lights. They’re not helping you or in anyway. This is critical!

2. String Lights

String lights can give any room a bohemian vibe. String lights can be set anyplace you’d like, which means there’s no need to fret about them being misplaced. You can also try an elegant string made of globe light instead of the fairy lights in case they’re slightly too in-your-face.

3. Cozy Bathroom Lighting

Do you have a bathroom?

Well, you could cozy in your bathroom by plugging in a lovely lighting source that’s low-wattage and keep the light on throughout the day. This is ideal for bathrooms in condos that don’t have windows and have dark.

There is a possibility of putting a motion sensor underneath the sink for an amazing glow which reflects off your feet during the night. A comfortable and functional bathroom doesn’t require you to shell out a large amount of cash.

Add Life With Plants and Flowers

Indoor plants provide a perfect way to take a break from modern technology and connect with nature world. According to Kitchen Infinity 54% believe houseplants can make homes look more beautiful. Every living thing that is in the house will help make it feel cozy (unless you’re dealing with a spider). Plants are living organisms and feel comfortable, they are considered to be cozy. Even though they are removed