be. If you are looking to improve your dental health, braces offer a wonderful option to achieve this. There are numerous options, but how can you determine which aligners to choose?

The common choice is braces. Braces are a set of brackets that are bonded to your teeth , and then attached to wires. This wire’s function is to hold the tension in your teeth and serve as a reference point for where the teeth should be aligned. Braces are available in two forms that are clear and metal. Clear braces, despite their name, are actually tooth-colored but not transparent. It is difficult to evaluate against your teeth. Metal braces are the most efficient process to align teeth. But clear braces are the second most effective.

Invisalign is quickly becoming an alternative to braces. Because they’re not visible Invisalign’s plastic aligners have been gaining in popularity. Though they’re simpler to use than braces and are less time-consuming, Invisalign can’t handle more important dental problems as braces. It is this that makes Invisalign unsuitable for all.

When visiting your orthodontist, talk to them about which treatment is optimal for your situation.