Instead of being held for a period of time, you can be released before being taken before the judge.

Its goal is to ensure that the person accused is present before the court on all scheduled appearances and that the community is safe from harm. Bail may be set at a set amount as well as set by a judge based on various factors such as the severity of the crime or the defendant’s past criminal records as well as the risk of fleeing.

If the person cannot afford the full bail amount, they are able to seek out a bail bond agency for assistance. Bondsmen can make bail on the behalf of the accused generally 10% of bond amount. This bail allows an accused to be released without the requirement to make a full payment for bail.

These bonds allow individuals to leave prison much faster. The bonds are considerably less than full bail. Bail bond companies can arrange for an individual’s release 24 hours per 7 days a semaine, which makes it practical for those arrested.

Bail bonds provide many benefits which include faster release along with cost savings and ease of use. They also offer support as well as guidance.