The two strategies for marketing are a good example of how they can be compared and be different.

Marketing is a broad umbrella. It includes marketing, advertising and direct marketing as well as publicity. Facebook is but one example. In certain instances entrepreneurs must understand the distinction between these different marketing strategies so that they can understand the best strategy for marketing their business, product, or service.

Advertising could be described as an advertisement paid for and created on the basis of the needs of the client. A client buys ad space then the advertisement is set up in the best spot. Public relations employs third party agencies (writers editors, writers, TV producers, etc.) to cover your clients’ business. This is a form of third-party endorsement. It also provides the user with positive feedback. Direct mail is an equivalent to an advertising. The direct mail campaign is designed to be a hit with the people who are reading it. Direct mail pieces are sent to the targeted people from a database that has been purchased. Social media use digital content in order to connect with the audience you want to reach. It could be through blog posts, articles on the internet, joining appropriate online groups as well as other methods that are enjoyed by your target audience.

Each of these strategies can be effective either separately or all together. It is recommended to get a professional guide you on how best to use your marketing funds.