Are you thinking of getting Invisalign? Then we think you’re in the right direction to get the smile you’ve always wanted! Often, people spend lots of time contemplating Invisalign before they’ve even talked to an orthodontist. Don’t get too excited! Before starting your treatment these are some points to consider.

Because the suggested wear time leaves only two hours for play the aligners, it is recommended to snack during the times when the aligners are in your mouth. The aligners should not be inside your mouth. You should brush your teeth right after eating so that your aligners aren’t stuck in the same place again.

Invisalign can be more discreet than traditional braces. Because nobody will be aware the braces you have on, you’ll be comfortable and smiling happily. Imagine – no metal brackets or unattractive wires that may cause irritation to your mouth or even break which could send you to your dental practitioner for an urgent appointment. This is the best solution that people want to make their teeth appear straighter. ox3mclf4gm.