The idea could be as simple as few cinder block blocks which are placed in the ground. They are then ready for transport through a truck.

The shipping container you’ve bought arrives, the first steps to revamp it are likely to involve tearing out the floor that was extensively damaged through years of hard work, including sliding pallets across it, and painting over the imperfections and damage on the outside. When the exterior is ready, it is time to start the renovations.

A new roofing and siding are required to ensure containers are insulated against the elements. Metal containers are a thing, which requires them to be warmer to make them habitable. A floor is also able to be laid. In this video, the shipping container’s new floor is an elongated one that is designed to mimic the design of the pallets that once slid over the surface.

The interior of your container has been roughed out. The next step will be defined based upon whether the container will be used as a residence or a storage unit.