Besides their appeal, they are durable in their construction, efficient with energy, and versatile. Aside from traditional asphalt roofing shingles, there is the option of architectural asphalt roof shingles, which are more modern. Architectural roof tiles possess an attractive appearance and resemble natural roofing materials like cedar, slate, as well as clay tiles. They are composed of more layers than typical asphalt roofing. They’re laminated by two additional layers. These shingles sport a contoured look due to their layer of laminated. Architectural shingles come with 30- to 50-year warranties and are stronger against the elements of snow, rain, and winds that can reach up to 120mph.

Architectural design shingles won’t crack or break easily, meaning they can be sturdy even during stormy weather. They’re resistant to fire, and resist the growth of algae and mold. As a result, they’re among the most popular varieties that are roofing shingles. Architectural shingles are more expensive than asphalt shingles that are regular. However, with all the advantages, it’ll make a great investment. There are a variety of the option of colour. You can look up the Architectural shingles’ colors on the internet to see some colors like grey, blue, black and white. You can also find copper, white, brown and tan. They are a good match for most home patterns and shades. Once you’ve purchased them, make sure you hire a professional to put them in place. xzsv4wmojr.