Though many people use the term “fields”, they really refer to two distinct concepts , or fields.

The person who is an exceptional decorator to be a designer but doesn’t necessarily need to be a designer for a job as a decorator. To qualify as an interior designer , one should be a certified. The requirement is that the individual obtain the education requirement. There is also a heap of examinations required for an interior design certificate. According to the speaker, the process of obtaining a certificate for interior designing can be considered similar to the bar exam that you must pass to qualify as an attorney.

Many people underestimate the number of tasks interior designers perform. They handle some complex tasks, such as deciding where an electrical outlet will go or arranging the removal of whole walls. Interior decorators perform simpler duties like selecting designs and picking furniture or drapes. Thus, an interior designer position’s educational requirements are higher-level. Design and decorators in the future need to be aware not to misinterpret the two roles. joj5dxfmd1.