eting your Rael fire protection inspection.

Open the FieldTech Connect app. Pick your work-order, after which you must clock in. After that, you can click on the maintenance button that leads you to the EquipID app. It will ask you to sign in again if you don’t already possess an account.

Find the fire safety equipment you’re going to inspect by clicking the circular button in the bottom right edge of EquipID app. The device’s tag will prompt you to tap on it. This will allow access to all information about the device via the app , by pressing it.

Press the button for the new task to open a brand new inspector window. Select the test you wish to inspect. You will be able to check whether your procedure is correct, insufficient, or not applicable. Finally, you give the device a pass or fail, and then complete the examination.

Visit the tab for services and log your work so that you can get compensated. You can’t clock out until you’ve entered something into the notes of service, however anything as basic as “complete” can be done.

Go to the link or video above to learn more about Rael Redi.