A porch that is screened-in has been one of the most popular improvement projects for homes over the last many years. Reaching new heights in popularity Screen-in porches are able to add a whole new room to a house with little construction costs. They can be great spaces for reading, parties, and even just an additional room for the family. Although it can be daunting to construct a screen-in patio If your porch is installed, you will find the job quite easy. This video by Home Depot details how to screen in your porch and convert your outside space into outdoor space that can be used for entertaining in couple of simple steps.

There are many options in terms of decorating and designing your brand new screen porch. Fully-furnished couches and entertainment centers, gym equipment and even planters are just a few frequent additions to screen porch. In addition, book shelves or custom shades can be wonderful decorative elements. Shades for screens are available in many dimensions and colors. If you’re growing plants in your screenhouse, make sure that you know the amount of sunlight they need before you install the window shades for your screen porch.