Being a homeowner, it is likely that you will be interested to know how residential roofing works. Read on to discover how to install a full roofing system.

Leak barriers that are high-performance need to be installed. These are installed at chimneys as well as the eaves, to give more waterproofing even in difficult places.

Second, roof deck protection is also added. It helps keep your roof dry, as well as stops rain driven by wind from getting underneath.

The following step is to put in metal drip edges once the roof deck protection was installed. This helps keep water away from roofs edges and protects your roof.

Following are starter strips. These are installed at the roof’s eaves and are secured with adhesive that holds the first row of shingles in its place.

We are now ready to install the shingles. The last, most outer protective layer on the roof.

Although you shouldn’t attempt to install residential roofing yourself knowing the basics will be helpful to all homeowners. Watch the video to learn about the various components of a roofing system.