On paper. It doesn’t matter if you operate a car wash business or an auto detailing shop. being the President of your auto-washing business can turn out to be a very rewarding task. There are some things to be aware of before you assume that this is a simple business. In the video below, you will learn 6 reasons why the procedures running car wash facilities are more complex than it may seem at first.

Although car washes can be an excellent way to earn an income that is not recurring, it can take some time to reach the goals you have set. Your business’s success or failure depends on how much is invested in the various locations. Additionally, you need to match your customer demographics to the type of car wash that you’re opening up. Don’t open up a touch-less modern wash in a location where there is a limited economy as well as don’t run a brush-heavy car wash in an area that has plenty of expensive cars. Finally, it costs much more than you think for a good car wash. The equipment and location of a car wash can increase the cost to over a million dollars.