There has been a variety of changes. There are several denominations where are part of the Christian church now can worship. This has led to an an increase worldwide number of Christian church congregations. Nowadays, numerous Christians recognize themselves with different denominations. Every denomination is distinct in how it conducts its business. This is due to several factors. One reason is the church’s governing body who is in charge of shaping the word of God. This assists in determining the validity of Christian doctrine as well as to relay information to Christian believers. Areas such as theology as well as biblical interpretation, worship, ordinance, fellowship, and governance are areas whereby one must exercise the reigns, and various protestants have different opinions about that.

The Anglicans have invested the authority with bishops. They have to take authority on covenant and communion. Anglican Christians will await guidance from their bishops. Other Christian denominations believe that the power is in the hands of the congregation. It is the congregation that shapes the word of God. This diversity in churches show that people are accepting religion in a variety. We live in a world of openness that anyone can make the choice to join the congregation that is suitable for their needs. They have to assess what they can expect from the church.