This video will explain how.

If you’re only beginning the real estate investing business and you’re just starting out, money will be limited. It might seem difficult to purchase commercial properties. This is what capital investors can help you with, but. If you buy courting investors, you can make investments in commercial properties using nothing.

The first step is get your real estate license. The license will let you learn about the market and make a deal for the commission you receive from any deals you conclude.

Lease with a purchase option. It means that you let the property to sublease the room to other tenants so that you can pay the lease. Both you and the owner could agree to extend your lease contract as long as it lasts.

You may purchase it when the seller is in financial trouble. The terms of the original mortgage will be subject to agreement. This may not be applicable to every building.

For further information on the best way to make money from commercial real estate, watch the video on the link above.