To avoid more harm and cost, contact an expert immediately. You will be more likely to get into problems the longer you wait to getting in touch with a professional. Which one should you phone first? A roofer in your area or a termite removal service? Here’s a couple of tips regarding how to discern the difference between damage caused by termites and wood decay.

The damage caused by termites is very common. They take in wood and make it into their own home. Be aware of certain anomalies. First, you should look for tunnels within your wood. It could look like there are some pieces of wood which have been removed, but the wood is slightly rounded edges.

Wood rot is often referred to as fungus damage is caused by moisture being introduced into your wood. Water can cause fungus on your wood, making it more susceptible to infection. Wood appears to shrink in its initial phases. Also, it appears to have a slight chipping. The problem will only get worse if not addressed promptly. Checking the roof’s paint is a fantastic method to spot wood rot. For more details, take a look at this short video!