The eo focus is the attention of Glenn Fedale, a roofing contractor. He started his company, G. Fedale Roofing, in 2002 when he was just 23. He says that his company consistently reports a 10 10% profits margin. They have 40% of their work for commercial roofing, and 60% of residential projects.
In his report, he reveals that accountability plays a key role in his company’s success. It’s possible to guarantee the highest quality from each member of the staff through giving them rewards as well as tracking their progress.
Glenn is a full-time employee and has long-lasting connections with them. Glenn also contributes to his community by giving jobs for local people. Glenn Fedale roofing has its headquarters based within Newport, Delaware. It is said that this greatly contributed to his success within the city. Additionally, he owns three luxury automobiles and a dream house valued at $1,000,000 along with an ocean-front property valued at $1,600,000.
Glenn Fedale is a testimony that hard work truly pays off and is an example of the American dream. 7629a65opj.