If you’ve never been to a DOT physical examination before, there are some things you’ll want to be aware of. Find out the things you should expect to see during an DOT physical exam, as well as what you’ll need to bring to the exam.

If you’re going to attend your physical examination with the Department of Transportation, you’ll want to have some things prepared. The examiner will require your driver’s licence, current address card, current card that is for medical use, and any change of address cards in the event of a need.

If you have any health concerns, there are other things to consider bringing. To make the process easier you must provide documentation in the case of hypertension, diabetes or heart disease, as well as any glasses you need.

It’s okay to be on prescriptions however, you’ll have to take a list of all drugs you’re taking for your DOT physical exam appointment. If the examiner needs to reach you, be sure you include the contact information for your physician on this list.

For more information on what to expect from an DOT physical exam as well as what you will need to be prepared, view the above video!