become less secure. That’s where the cybersecurity maturity model is a must. What is CMMC? What does it mean? what can you do with it? Find out more in the article.

The document basically serves as a guideline that is used to see if companies are in compliance with NIST SP 800-171. To find out which companies are which are being evaluated, see the version 4 of the draft. This document’s purpose is to determine which companies are safe for the government to employ. There are five levels from one to five. If your business does not reach the requirements then it is not eligible to submit bids for specified government projects. It was designed to improve overall security for the defense industry base. It ensures that proper protections are in place to manage and safeguard classified information.

To learn more about this model, watch the video in this article. This video gives a thorough description of the cybersecurity maturation model. The fourth draft of version 4 released publicly available, has more details on the CMMC.