Professionals from the ydroseeding industry perform hydroseeding result, and the procedure are usually great, particularly for barren spaces. Hydroseeding is also a low-cost planting alternative to sod. It helps save 75% of expenses compared to sod. It lasts for longer than the ones made using sod. Hydroseeding grasses are more healthy than grasses that are grown with sod, which gives them a longer life span. It also encourages a wider selection of grasses and greater the resistance to disease.

The process of hydroseeding has its disadvantages. It is a water-intensive process as the grass has to be watered on a regular basis for proper growth. The process isn’t DIY and takes longer than sod in order to get positive results. The weather elements like heavy rain can affect the quality of results. The benefits of hydroseeding outweigh the disadvantages, and make it a viable option for people who want to renew the lawns of their home.