and some other properties of the period. There is a way to seal woods such as oak, chestnut and the larch tree with a coating of fire retardant or allow them to develop naturally.
Fiber-cement weatherboard

As a composite material the fiber cement weatherboard won’t decay or rust , it requires little maintenance and comes in pre-finished condition it is frostproof, fire resistant, will not be twisted or warped as time goes by, and is long-lasting.

Black Slips

Although they look like blocks, these “tiles’ are made of clay. They are able to be kiln fired as seen by the faces of regular clay bricks, as well in the form of preformed slips. Cladding panels that have brick finishes as well as interlocked prefabricated boards.

Stone Tiles

The stones have a similar their construction and may be seen in natural stone. These stones are lighter and much more affordable than natural stone they can also be used to create more traditional designs.


It’s expensive yet it’s weather-proof and needs minimum maintenance. It may be coated, pre-aged, powder-coated or even painted to keep its finish. Steel is more affordable and will last for longer.

Masonry Paint

It’s a simple and affordable method of covering the ugly exterior of your home with brickwork in older homes and create sleek finishes on modern homes.

Concrete Render

You should never mix it in with lime mortar masonry as this can cause dampness and rot. The use of a silicone-based render is the best option as it’s easily maintained in a breathable, comfortable, and flexible. Lime render is green for the construction of new homes.

How Much Does Cladding or rendering, as well as painting How Much Does It Cost?

Comparing costs does not only include comparing costs for material. It is crucial to take into account costs of labor as well as the cost of materials.