>What is an employment agency? How does it work? The video below answers these questions in detail, and also explains how you discern a genuine one from a scam. A temp agency , also known as an employment firm hires workers for companies of different sizes. Its job is to identify people who are able to fill job opportunities within businesses that contract them. They can be utilized by job seekers in the same manner as all other employers. Be aware that although an employee reports to their employer, in reality, they’ll have a job with the temporary agency. Therefore, their wages and other benefits are provided by the agency that employs them.

Employers can assign employees in other positions once they’ve completed their terms, but this will not be possible in all cases. Employment agencies don’t charge temp employees. Instead, they’re compensated through the firm that employs the workers. They may ask for money to place you in a job. Be cautious of agencies for employment that seem to be too appealing to be passed up.