Correct installation of commercial vent hood. Vent hoods are an efficient method of removing the fumes from commercial kitchens.
What is the procedure for commercial vent hood installation go? The drilling of holes into the roof and vents is the very first step for installing commercial vent Hoods. This allows you to run a cable through the holes and drop it onto the block. The block of wood is intended to connect the cable to the vent to ensure security throughout cranking. You can reach the roof and turn the vent over using the cable that is attached.
Return inside to ensure your hood is in the correct position prior to beginning the mounting process. For mounting the hood, drill holes in the hood.
Install the bolts into the holes using caulk to ensure durability and stability. Make sure you are wearing the appropriate protection equipment to break any bolts preventing the grease trap and filter installation. To close the hole in the cranking, drill a small piece of aluminum on the roof. nsuiofg871.