leased into your home from the building materials, such as bricks and concrete. Radon has been associated with lung cancer. Radiation exposure has been associated to lung cancer. Exhaling the radon-containing gases and dust is the main reason for radon exposure. They are typically produced from uranium ore and rock containing radioactive elements like thorium and radium.

These minerals release radioactive material out into the atmosphere when they’re heated. Radon enters buildings via fractures that occur in walls, floors, and ceilings. It can happen during construction work or after an earthquake. Additionally, it enters homes through pipes, drains and ventilators. There are a variety of measures that can help reduce the possibility of radon entering your house. One of the best ways to know whether you’re susceptible to poisoning by radon is to have your home checked. Should you wish to test their levels of radon, the government gives free test kits. This kit can measure the amount of radon in your home. If the results indicate that you are at risk of exposure to dangerous levels of radon, then you should consider getting your house cleaned. okcfzacc7t.