It’s the same thing, shielding properties from the weather elements but here’s where the similarities end. When it comes to residential roofing, the slope is very steep such that people can see it from the ground , which is why the asphalt shingles have being used. Commercial roofing is a little or no slope. This is the reason why TPO is the most popular choice. What will a commercial roofing project look like?

The narration of the video explains that the installation of a strong deck recuperation board is the primary phase in building an TPO roof. The recovery board used must be of the highest quality so that it is durable for the entire life of the roof.

The next step is fastening the board to which you are attaching your recovery. To do this, it is necessary to use a premium fastener that is secured with a 4-inch screw or nail. In order to stop the fastener from shifting, it needs to be perforated.
The final step involves the final step of installing TPO material. TPO material. In order to help commercial property owners cut down on AC costs, the material is required to be reflective. A TPO pipe boot should be placed wherever there’s the possibility of a pipe penetration, such as in an chimney. somxj72ucx.