App to adjust the intensity. It features a diecast aluminum housing that protects the lights even in harsh weather. The headlights come with an unlimited warranty for life for any damages.
Fourth option: The Sunpie RGB LED Red Halo sunshine is 7 inches. These are specifically designed for use even in rainy and foggy conditions and come with 3 different light modes for driving through every kind of weather. The housing is constructed from robust aluminum, and comes with an remote control. They can last for up to 50K hours.

Gxenogo Halo Headlight offer bright illumination with 4 modes or settings for different roads. The light features it’s aluminum-based housing that has anti-scratch lens and an anti-flicker strap. All the necessary adapters are provided for easy install. Sunpie Road LED Project headlight kit is the cheapest and is compatible with all kinds of jeeps. The Sunpie Road LED Project Headlight Kit is the least costly and easy to install as well as the light stays cool.

XPrite LED Halo Headlights, first listed have extremely bright light sources excellent for driving on dark roads. There are four different settings that adapt to various road conditions. They are invulnerable to water, shock and corrosion. They are easy to install.

Jeep Halo headlights are quick to set up for enthusiasts of cars however, if not an expert, you can have your local garage install them. 13kcg3dvix.