What if a passenger who is unruly could become violent while when on a plane? It is certain that there are processes implemented and trained personnel to manage the situation. It’s true. The flight attendants as well as pilots are trained to handle aggressive passengers. This doesn’t necessarily make it any less frightening. This video shows a terrifying moment in which a man attempts to get past the flight attendants. If he’s released on bail, he’ll likely require bail bail in the event of an emergency.

Staff members must be quick to think when there’s a risk of danger of violence. In this video, you can see how quick thinking paid off. The violent individual required to be reprimanded However, it was difficult. It was fortunate that they had spare duct tape to hand. The flight attendants smartly used the duct tape for tying him up. He was then taped to his chair. The tape worked until the plane touched down and police were able to be in charge. It’s possible for someone could have suffered injuries if the crew members didn’t react swiftly enough.